A CMS like no other.

The Edit Entry page within Craft

Flexibility, simplicity, control. You’ve never seen them come together in a CMS like this before. At last, you can deliver a content management experience that is precisely tailored to meet the site’s unique content needs, with a workflow that is incredibly simple and straightforward, all while maintaining complete control over your markup and styles.

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You’re going to love it.

I'm trying to find a logical reason why I shouldn't use #craftcms when building websites... yet to be found.
We’re impressed with the thinking behind it as well as its execution.
@craftcms is fast becoming our weapon of choice - so versatile, yet simple!
Much love to @craftcms which is behind our successful launch of beingindigo.com. The Matrix plugin was invaluable!!!
Mightily impressed with @craftcms. Breath of fresh air, a really lovely CMS. Support is outstanding too.
After working with #Drupal, #ee, #joomla and #wp, #CraftCMS is my favorite. Check them out at buildwithcraft.com